MacBook Pro performance at a Chromebook price?!


What's a Kible?

The world’s first consumer-grade, turnkey thin client

Kible couples sleek thin client hardware with a state-of-the-art, embedded network operating system.  Our proprietary cloud network infrastructure puts the ENTIRE operating system in the cloud, allowing us to deliver top tier performance at bargain prices.

Superior Speed

Our professional quality processing and ultra-low latency interface produces results on par with top-of-the-line fruit-based computers. The OS virtualization will even speed up your internet experience with our gigabit back-end connection.

Transcendent Security

The full scope of data transmission is fully encrypted, and security updates are applied automatically, ensuring security is always up to date.  Since nothing is stored locally, customers have peace of mind that bad actors have no ability to hack locally.

Lifelong Durability

Kible’s virtualized hardware delivers professional results without lock-in.  As new processing hardware and speeds become available, users can update their machines with a push of a button rather than needing to buy a new computer.

Infinite upgradeability.
Unlimited power.

Kible never slows down.

Whether you need to edit a photo or run the latest weather prediction algorithm, a single Kible can scale to handle any load.  You’ll never need to buy a new computer due to slow down.

But wait, there's more...!

Get all the Apps

Kible runs on Linux Ubuntu
Access all the app from the supported Ubuntu store
Install 3rd party apps from whatever source you desire

Great for Creators

Everything you need, nothing you don’t
Affordable, performance hardware with access to all the software
Never slows down, no matter what you’re doing

An Affordable Powerhouse

Virtualized processing hardware for unlimited potential
Data processing runs on servers for unmatched performance
Hardware performance is upgradeable at the push of a button

The last computer you'll ever need.

What's the fuss?

Incredible Value

with infinite improved lifespan.

Kible doesn’t require an install

and nothing is stored on your local device.

Kible is 100% software based

There is no hardware lock in.
Developers, engineers, & teams

Work best on Kible.