Keep your current ISP.  Kible supercharges your internet.
Kible is currently available in Southern California.  Usage outside this region results in degraded experience.
Kible is currently available in Southern California.  Usage outside this region results in degraded experience.

What are the benefits?


Kible improves everything…we mean it.


Speed – Experience Gigabit internet speeds on ANY network.  Whether at home, work, or the local coffee shop, Kible will change how you think about the web.


Security – Kible combines 256-bit private key encryption with an always-on VPN connection to make sure every browsing instance is fully secure.


Power – No more limitations. Have 30 tabs open. Hell, have 330 tabs open. Our virtualized environment lets Kible keep chugging long after other browsers would have broken down.


Kible makes it better..

Do I need to upgrade ISP?


Nope.  Kible works WITH your existing service to increase your speed without paying your Internet Service Provider another nickel.


But it’s better than that. Kible comes with you whenever you connect to a new network, allowing instant Gigabit speeds anywhere you go.

How does Kible speed up my internet?


Without Kible, the speed you experience the internet at is determined by both your local connection and your hardware speed. ISP services with high bandwidth rates are expensive, and eventually your hardware will get bogged down as it ages.


With Kible, this problem is solved. By leveraging our cloud delivery infrastructure, Kible offloads the compute from your local device and delivers a high speed internet experience back to your screen seamlessly.  This means you experience Gigabit ethernet regardless of your local connection or hardware.


Never experience slow internet again.

Is Kible a virtual machine?


No. At least not in the traditional sense.


Kible is a network protocol base layer that allows for massive data transfer over low bandwidth connections.  The protocol works a bit like a network-enabled MP3 encoder, but specifically tuned for video fidelity. Applications wrapped with our protocol will experience Gigabit internet speeds regardless of the local connection.


Kible applications run in the cloud and are delivered to the local device via an ultra-low latency feed, providing superior user experience without taxing your machine with unnecessary processes.


You’ve never experienced anything else like it.


Can I use my old computer?


Yes.  Kible can be downloaded on any hardware to bring you gigabit internet speeds.


Kible runs on legacy spec’d hardware as well as low speed local internet connections.  This means anyone can experience lightning speed internet regardless of the hardware age.  In fact, as systems optimizes, speeds get faster!


A computer that GETS BETTER as it gets older?  Who would have thunk.

Are you tracking my activity?


No.  Advertising isn’t in our business model. 


Kible provides users with a VPN by default. This means all your activity on the web like shopping, browsing, watching, reading, and chatting will be hidden behind a NAT table. Simply put, your web activities are invisible to advertisers and more secure than any other browser.


We hate being sold nonsense and we heard we aren’t alone.

What you get with Kible



Page load times
No RAM spike


> Speeds vary depending on your connection <


More Battery

Kible off-boards power demanding processes to the cloud. Your local device stays active longer.

Work without network interruption.
Everything you do is autosaved. No more need to close tabs. Everything stays open till you close it.
Kible offers security with auto-backups and sharable live browsers.
100% virus protection because your browser is 100% remote.
Keep your current internet bill (you could even reduce it) and receive superior performance with Kible.
Go Green
Your old computer will feel new again. No more depreciation cycle.
Security and privacy is our policy.
Small Business
With 100% security and virus protection Kible is the obvious choice.