Starting at $399

Your PC in the cloud

The last computer you’ll ever need, with a built in VPN.  Kible offloads computing power directly to our enterprise grade server network to give you infinite compute on demand. 

Bubblegum $449

Blue Steel $449

Mars $399

How’s it work?

Cloud optimized hardware.  Kible offloads heavy workloads that normally run on local hardware to server farms elsewhere (where compute is much cheaper and more efficient). Then a bi-directionally interact-able video stream is initiated from the server farm to Kible.

Superior Speed
Our enterprise grade compute and ultra-low latency interface produces results on par with top-of-the-line fruit-based computers. Kible infrastructure will speed up your internet experience with our gigabit network connection.
Transcendent Security
All traffic on Kible is protected end to end with powerful private key encryption algorithms. No personal data is stored locally, instead it is hidden behind a NAT table ensuring that it cannot be accessed from the outside world.
Lifelong Durability
Kible uses cloud optimized hardware and upgrading specs can be done instantaneously with just a push of a button. Users are no longer tied down to the hardware they walked out of the store with.

Work better on Kible!

Smart for Students

Studying for the BAR or trying to submit your assignment, kible will not let you down. With powerful server side data redundancies you’ll never lose your work.

Affordable Powerhouse

Macbook Pro performance at chromebook prices. With infinite upgrades and constant never degrading performance.

Superior Performance & Storage

With the ability to run several large programs seamlessly at once, debugging and editing code has never felt smoother. Kible also provides nearly infinite storage for codebases and resources.