Kible can do everything your current device can with better speed, longer lifespan, and more power.


Kible offers very sleek hardware.

Kible computers do everything you need at a fraction of the price.

Kible runs on a generic PC. We virtualze the hardware, so the guts of your computing power are actually in the cloud. This makes for speedy performance at all times!


Its really $449. We promise. No strings, no hidden fees, no nothing.

Kible is truly Macbook performance at a Chromebook price.


Kible makes every click safe, secure, and private.

Kible provides end to end encryption built in by default.

Every action on Kible uses a private key.

Kibles encryption algorithm is 100% unbreakable (ask the hackers we had them try)

Oh and if your laptop is stolen no problem!!! We will provide a new one free of charge, and since nothin is stored on the local device, nothing was stolen at all!!!


Kible uses enterprise grade hardware that cannot be found on any other local systems: Apple laptops, desktops, or ChromeBooks.