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How does Kible speed up my internet without upgrading my ISP?
Kible is a cloud browser. That means your old slow computer is connected to our lightning fast servers. So instead of experiencing the limited capabilities of your local machine, you can experience a limitless browser with more CPU and RAM than you could ever need. Avoid spinning wheels and keep as many tabs open as your heart desires!
Isn’t there a delay?
Kible’s industry leading video encoding algorithms are optimized for the lowest possible latency. Kible doesn’t have any perceivable IO delays. So the only difference between this browser and Google Chrome is that you won’t ever be waiting for things to load or videos to buffer.
What about gaming on Kible?
Kibles offers an ultra fast browser. If gaming is what you would like most from your browser then by all means you should game on Kible.
How secure is my data with Kible?
The Kible browser uses an audited industry standard SSL/TLS encryption layer for all traffic between your computer and our servers. We don’t even have access to your data! Kible will also double as a VPN, so there’s no need to subscribe to an expensive VPN. Remain completely anonymous to advertisers and data minors.
No risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
If you reflect back on your 7 day free trial and feel Kible was too fast, that the stress of finishing work early and having tons of free time was too much to handle that is no problem. All you have to do is let us know and you will never be charged a penny along with our thanks for giving our gigabit browser a try. There is absolutely no risk!

Gigabit Speed: Kible vs other browsers

Browser Functions
Page Load Times

Advanced Features

In development. These features will be introduced in the very near future.

Cross Platform 
Work on one browser across devices. Keep tabs running and continue working from any smart device.
True Incognito 
Browse with zero breadcrumbs and 100% identity concealed. Ad Block, IP Scrambling, and E2E Encryption are just the beginning.
KIble Gaming
More CPU and Ram in the click of a button. Experience unlimited power while gaming with Kible advanced gaming mode.