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Browse with gigabit speed

22.35% faster than Brave. 32.45% faster than Chrome.

Browse with

gigabit speed

11.25% faster than Brave. 32.45% faster than Chrome.

Enterprise grade cloud compute.

Experience the fastest browsing experience by default with our advanced enterprise grade cloud compute technologies. Never browse slowly again!

Direct connection to the internet backbone.

Experience the web as it was intended, without heavy-overcrowded pipes holding you back. We’ve got the fastest internet on earth guaranteed.

Fully cloud based sandbox.

Browse with complete safety in the most secure sandbox in existence. Test apps and open emails with total peace of mind.

Dedicated CPU & RAM.

Experience unlimited power without the shackles of your local machine.

Boost 5Mbps to 3Gbps.

That’s right! All you need is 5mbps to experience Kible’s blazing fast gigabit internet speed.

Gigabit Speed: Kible vs other browsers

Browser Functions
Page Load Times

Advanced Features

In development. These features will be introduced in the very near future.

Cross Platform 
Work on one browser across devices. Keep tabs running and continue working from any smart device.
True Incognito 
Browse with zero breadcrumbs and 100% identity concealed. Ad Block, IP Scrambling, and E2E Encryption are just the beginning.
KIble Gaming
More CPU and Ram in the click of a button. Experience unlimited power while gaming with Kible advanced gaming mode.

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