Starting $399

Your PC in the cloud

Kible is the next step in the evolution of modern day computers. It is the first completely cloud optimized personal computer. For only $399, Kible offers supercharged specs, unmatched security, and infinite lifespan.


Bubblegum $449

Blue Steel $449

Mars $399

Overclock to infinity

Traditionally PC architecture is handcuffed when it comes to performance limits.  Kible releases these shackles by moving the brain to the cloud, delivering an enterprise grade desktopping experience with infinite potential without having to worry about heat, power, and spatial constraints that limit other machines.

VPN by Default

Security is the highest priority for us. That’s why every Kible will be equipped with a VPN that will encrypt all traffic end to end using powerful private key encryption algorithms. Internet traffic from Kible will also always be geographically anonymized, so you don’t ever have to worry about being tracked again.

Cloud Backups

Never lose your data again period. Whether it be from crypto ransomware attack, or if you simply left your laptop in an Uber the days of losing your data are gone. Kible comes default with industry leading tech to keep rigorous backups of your data available in case you need it.

Bulletproof Protection

Kible doesn’t store any of your data locally, instead it is all hidden behind a NAT table ensuring that it cannot be accessed from the outside world. With Kible you can rest easy knowing your data is always protected.

Faster Internet

That’s right. Full Gigabit network connection guaranteed on every Kible device by default, regardless of your home service, no matter where you are, no questions asked.

Everlasting durability

If you need more CPU power, RAM, or more diskspace there is no more need to go buy an external drive, or worse yet go buy another computer. With just a push of a button you can upgrade anything on your Kible device. Stop adding to the landfill.

How’s it Work

Cloud optimized hardware. Kible offloads heavy processes that would normally run on your computer to external server farms where compute is more plentiful and free of restrictions consumer grade hardware normally has. Then a bi-directionally interact-able stream is maintained with your Kible. You won’t even notice Kible is actually being hyper-optimized by our cloud infrastructure.