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Hey fellow Kiblers-

Matt from our User Experience Team here. For this weeks updates we are introducing a fix for individuals logging into their university campus WiFi. We have introduced several stability fixes which include connection, easy entrance when logging in and crashing issues. With more stability features coming soon regarding the update that was released yesterday (5/11/22) each user will require a second download of Kible which will need to replace the old Kible application. Our engineering team has received reports of the system crashing and are working on a patch for this issue in the very near future. Additionally, our team is working on improving latency and improving overall performance while using the web application.

After further testing out in the wild, we have gotten feedback from university students. We have been informed that select universities had blocked the use of Kible on their WiFi. Our engineering team has noted this issue and resolved it. This weeks patch will make university connection seamless just like any other WiFi. Now universities will have Kible speed connectivity.

Our engineering team has solved several stability fixes regarding logging in and crashes. Users should no longer be required to click “Retry” when logging in and Kible should remain active throughout longer periods of usage. Kible also has expanded ability to connect from various WiFi access points, even at schools. Also a segmentation fault was uncovered and removed which could have prevented a user from being able to sign in on their first try.

The Kible Team is working towards a Windows browser while resolving more stability issues on the macOS edition. We look forward to providing lightning fast internet to users as we open up to more operating systems and expand our servers across the United States.